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Sausages factory

Sausages factory

In 1820, on the hill of Groppallo, the Salini family developed the pork-butcher tradition.

Following in the wake of this tradition, the later generations of this family have continued until the present day, with the same zeal and in the most profession way, to carry on the activity of their forefathers, by producing and curing delicatessen meats in exactly the same way as in the past.

The geographic location and the altitude of Groppallo, which is situated on the Emilian Appennine ridge on the border with Liguria at an altitude of 1000 m.

This area has a strong sea influence, and this contributes to making the curing process one of the Aces for this longstanding Firm.

The products

Coppa, salame and pancetta (bacon) are particularly worth a mention: they are produced with scrupulous care and attention right from the moment in which the meats are selected.

The fact that they are produced in such limited qualities guarantees a wholesome and natural product made according to traditional methods.